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Dry flaky penis

Here are seven common causes for dry skin on the penis, along with tips for tight skin, particularly after bathing or swimming; itching, flaking. A number of conditions can cause the skin of the penis to become dry and irritated. This can lead to flaking, cracking, and peeling of the skin. peeling or cracked skin; pain and irritation; itching; swelling; blistering; dryness; redness. Common causes of contact dermatitis on the penis. Mar 21,  · Itchy and flaky dry skin on penis, penile shaft, penile head (glans) or foreskin is quite common. Usually, it is an indication of various skin conditions, infections but often not STDs. Explore facts, pictures, causes, signs and symptoms, prevention, treatment and home remedies. When should you see a doctor?Author: Treatcure Staff. There is no reason to freak out. The dry skin u described over the shaft on the penis probably is due to irritant contact dermatitis following repeated exposure to lubricants like harsh soaps resulting in an allergic reaction. It is also known as a penis rash and usually presents with dry, flaky skin, inflammation and associated with itching. Dry penis skin can cause itching and discomfort, and it can lead to pain during sex. But men don't have to live with this common problem. In this post, we examine the most common causes of dry, roughened penile skin, along with simple tips for at-home care.
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