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How do you know when youve had an orgasm

What does an orgasm actually feel like? Here's what happens to your body and mind when you have one. I think I've been super close a number of times (I suspect that I may have even had an orgasm?), but I've never felt that intense explosion that. Cosmo answers your questions about what an orgasm is and what it feels Chances are, if you're not sure whether you've reached the big O. Nov 30,  · Best Answer: No, you've never had one if only what you describe happens, then you've just been *really* aroused, but not to the point of an orgasm. The "instant sensation" you ask about is sort of the idea, except that it lasts several seconds - but it's Followers: 5. Mar 15,  · Orgasms can be complicated to describe if you've never had one. Sometimes women don't know what to look for or anticipate if they haven't experienced an orgasm. Here, 28 Author: Taylor Andrews. For men, orgasm is generally, though not always, accompanied by ejaculation. Women may also ejaculate clear liquid during an orgasm. Some people do not know if they have had an orgasm. This may be because the sensations they feel seem too mild to be considered an orgasm. It's good to concentrate on and enjoy what you do feel. Both women and men.
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