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  • 16.06.2010
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Direct high frequency facial

High frequency Treatment L3 Beauty by Clare Hargreaves-Norris. Direct high frequency Indirect high frequency Clare Hargreaves-Norris. In this article, I am going to explain the benefits and aims of the direct high- frequency facial, as well as point out a few important aftercare advice. Review our recommended portable high frequency facial machines for of aging skin because they are said to direct more warmth to the treatment area which. Apr 11,  · A direct High Frequency facial can range from $90 to $ per treatment, and it is recommended that anyone who is treating a problem such as acne or oily skin to receive this treatment once a week for 10 sessions. The high-frequency current which gives rise to the high rate of oscillation is also known as Tesla current and frequently used in facial and scalp therapy. The rapid oscillation produces heat and does not instigate any muscular contractions. Direct high-frequency is a quick and simple solution to improve the health and vitality of your skin as well as target some more serious skin concerns such as acne breakouts. This article explains all the benefits and aims of the direct high-frequency facial, as well as the proper and important aftercare advice for reaping the maximum benefits of this yeusex.info: Simone Sydel.
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