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  • 15.06.2010
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Teens and cell phone use

It's no big secret that teens have a complex relationship with technology. They are expected to use technology both in and out of the classroom. My inbox has been inundated with reports that our kids are literally dying because of excessive cell phone use. From an editorial in the Lancet. Establishing cell phone rules for teens can be a little tricky. After all, most parents didn't grow up owning a cell phone so knowing what's. Many teens think they are addicted to cell phones, and they certainly act like it. In one study, teens aged fifteen to nineteen describe themselves as addicted to their phones, and in another, 30 percent say they're depressed when they can't use yeusex.info: Ann Louise Gittleman, Phd, CNS. Oct 16,  · Teens’ cell phone use linked to memory problems. Exposure to radiation from phones might affect a certain type of memory in teens. Kathiann Kowalski. Oct 16, — am EST. A new study finds that teens who get more exposure to cell-phone radiation — and hold their phones on the right — do worse on one type of memory test/ Jan 16,  · Teens and Dangerous Levels of Cell Phone Use Parents, communities and manufacturers share responsibility for solutions. Posted Jan 16,
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