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  • 08.01.2010
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Why women are the weaker sex

Recent studies have shown that women factory workers report more health symptoms than men. Reporting of health symptoms by workers at nine poultry. Women's role has developed and changed dramatically in the last twenty years. a gender (different from men), women's specific strengths and weaknesses. Sex differences in mortality (SDIM) vary over time and place as a function of social, health, and medical circumstances. The magnitude of these variations, and. Women are the weaker sex because even though they have to go through pregnancy and periods we have to listen to them complain about it all the time. If men had to go through these things they would handle it much better and wouldn't complain about it every day. Men are also physically dominant in every single way. Jan 15,  · Scientists confirm what women always knew: men really are the weaker sex This article is more than 1 year old In times of famine, epidemic and hardship over the past years, women have Author: Kate Hodal. Why we received the title of ‘The Weaker Sex” Women were considered the weaker sex because war and bloodshed was put into the hands of the males. Men were more expendable than women. Men were the hunters and women were the gatherers. Women created and nurtured life, while men tortured and destroyed life. This made women unfit as warriors.
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