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White spots vaginal area

Fordyce spots, or sebaceous glands, are small white or yellow-white bumps inside your vulva. These spots are also found on the lips and. Female genital sores are bumps and lesions in or around the vagina. Bumps and lumps around your vulva that do not go away or that bleed can also be signs . In a typical case, small pearly white spots develop on the genital skin (vulva). The spots are usually itchy. However, in some people there is no. Oct 26,  · If an infection does occur, you may notice white or yellowish liquid draining from them. How to Prevent White Spots Inside Vagina 1. No Soap or Perfumes. This may sound unusual, but don't use soap in your vaginal area. Just wash with water everyday. Soap can change the delicate pH . Oct 24,  · Most of the time, white bumps on vaginal area do not indicate a serious issue. It is usually due to excessive sweating, hormonal fluctuations, a vaginal infection or sebaceous cysts. Despite of this, you should always talk to your doctor about the issue as . Apr 20,  · Vaginal bumps and lumps are common, especially as you age and during your childbearing years. Keep reading to learn more about what causes the skin in this area to change and when you should see a Author: Susan York Morris.
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