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  • 15.02.2010
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Where did asian beetles come from

WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? The Asian Lady Beetle, Harmonia axyridis ( Pallas), is relatively new to this country. The beetle is native to Asia (e.g., China. These are Asian lady beetles, insects native to eastern Asia, introduced to the U.S. as a biocontrol for aphids and have since spread throughout. Harmonia axyridis, most commonly known as the harlequin, multicolored Asian, or simply Asian ladybeetle, is a large coccinellid beetle. in the US after coming from China), supposedly saving farmers vast sums of money in Bites normally do no more harm than cause irritation, although a small number of people. Japanese beetle (Popilla japonica) Species and Origin: Japanese beetles are native to northern Japan. They were first found in the U.S. in New Jersey in They have become established in parts of Minnesota. Impacts: Adult Japanese beetles feed on more than species of plants, including apple, birch, cherry, crabapple, elm, horse chestnut. The Asian long-horned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis), also known as the starry sky, sky beetle, or ALB, is native to eastern China, and yeusex.info species has now been accidentally introduced into the United States, where it was first discovered in , as well as Canada, and several countries in Europe, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy and yeusex.info: Cerambycidae. Far East. This beetle is native to China and Korea It causes major damage of poplar plantations in China, where they are unable to control this pest. It was first found infesting trees in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York in August
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