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  • 20.02.2010
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Make your own breast forms

FOLLOW OUR GUIDE ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BUDGET BREAST FORMS. breast forms on a budget. What is a cheap and easy way to. I'm thrilled to see THIS one! I have discovered using two large (24 inch?) latex balloons (KGMarx Party Supply) that are about 7inch round when empty/flat. This video is a tutorial in how to make quick, easy, cheap and pretty real breast forms for the casual crossdresser at home. You'll only need a pair of nylon knee socks and two bags of rice. So yeah I wear my bra & boobs to bed. If you find silicone breast forms to be heavy and painful for daily extended wear, make your own out of microbeads! At a weight of about one ounce each, you'll much prefer them, and you can make them yourself at a much lower cost than commercially made forms. I have made a couple pairs for friends and make a muslin cloth template of their form size so I can make more later if needed of the same size. Hope this helps any of you wanting to make your own breast forms. It really is not that difficult and certainly cost effective if Author: Barbara. Dec 22,  · Simple, home made breastforms that are quick to make, inexpensive, durable, and look great! Hey, Ladies! The cost of our of the box breast forms is out of this world.
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