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Ayurveda and sex

Here's a stun: Ayurveda doesn't restrict sex to reproduction. According to this school of thought, it can nourish us deeply and should be. No matter how often you get it on, at any time of year, you can use Ayurveda to enhance your sex life and to preserve and build your ojas (vitality). Here's how. Ever equanimous, he equivocates, "There's no certain prescription. But ideally, for me, sex should not be stress management or a way to. Ayurveda considers sex as a part and parcel of our everyone’s life. But as with most of the rules of life, – control and moderation are the keywords. Here are a few healthy sex rules as per ancient Ayurveda text books. 1. Sex position: The person should avoid the woman who is not lying with her face upward. Jul 15,  · In Ayurveda sex or abramacharya as it is known, is given due importance for maintaining one’s mental and physical health. Sex is considered one of the three aspects of life which maintain health, along with diet and sleep.1 Abramcharya is a controlled and disciplined manner of sexual intercourse which helps to maintain the bodily doshas Author: Rekha Kumar Naidu. Jul 30,  · Ayurveda and Sex. Sex occupies a prominent position in Ayurveda. It is one of the seven tissues (dhatus) that the tradition recognizes (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow / nerve and reproductive tissue). While sex has been discussed more in the context of reproduction, the importance of maintaining a healthy sexual life still remains.
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