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Outcomes of masturbation

Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity with few side effects. Many bizarre claims surround masturbation, such as going blind, and. But excessive masturbation can harm your relationships and everyday life. Learn more about the potential side effects of masturbation. Get to know a few curious facts about masturbation and its effects on female health with Flo!. One of the side effects of masturbation is the loss of physical and mental energy [1]. If you've realized, masturbation uses up a lot of your energy. If you've realized, masturbation uses up a lot of your yeusex.info: Neha Ghosh. Masturbation may lead to overproduction of sex hormones or even the neurotransmitters. The results due to this may vary from person to person. Some people report fatigue, vision disorders, hair loss, testicular pain, pelvic pain, etc. If these symptoms happen, try to decrease your frequency of masturbation for some time to alleviate your yeusex.info: Jweeks Apr 12,  · Side Effects of Masturbation - Back Pain In several cases, people who masturbate too much have reported lower back pain. Also, they may even get cramps or .
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