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Types of midgets

The three most common types of skeletal dysplasias are achondroplasia, discrimination, as well as the use of negative terms like "midget.". Although other groups may extend the criteria for certain forms of dwarfism to 5 feet, the average height of an adult with dwarfism is 4 feet. Frequently Asked Questions. What is the definition of dwarfism? What are the most common types of dwarfism? What is a midget? What is the medical prognosis. Dwarfism Types & Diagnoses. The following is a list of dwarfism types and diagnoses for which the Medical Resource Center has compiled and reviewed information. Click on a dwarfism type or diagnosis to see an index of the articles, documents, and other resources related to that diagnosis. About A medical condition caused by a genetic mutation at the 4th chromosome. Over types of mutations exist. The term midget is different from dwarf based on body proportions. A person with dwarfism has disproportionately short limbs. The term midget . Annis Arthur, left, a Pseudoachondroplastic Dwarf - one of the smallest women in history to give birth - with husband Andre Boursse, an Achondroplastic Dwarf, 4'6". Their son is 6'3". Billy Arthur, Annis' father, also a pseudoachon, lived to be 96 and was a NC State Senator.
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