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  • 27.06.2010
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Comic strip of the water cycle

ummmm okay i guess today i'm gonna show you the water cycle! are you ready? ? Don't worry! This is called evaporation. You are turning into. Evaporation and Transpiration There are four stages in the water cycle  Evaporation Groundwater Condensation Transformed Water vapor. Students make a comic strip to show the different stages of the water cycle. I encourage them to think creatively about where the "life of a water drop" will begin. -I can identify and describe the stages in the water cycle (evaporation, condensations, precipitation, infiltration,transpiration, accumulation, and runoff).-I can describe how and why does water changes states as it travels through the water cycle. Phase Change Comic Strip- Assignment Detail & Rubric. Phase Change Comic Strip- Assignment. For this mini-project, you will describe the movement of a water drop through the water cycle. The drop may begin anywhere in the cycle and must go through at least two phase changes, (i.e. liquid to gas and back to liquid or solid). You must also include how gravity and the sun’s radiation drive the cycle. This comic strip can incorporate what the students have learned about the water cycle into a fun activity. After learning about the water cycle, they can then apply their knowledge gained, and make their own illustrations and story line using a comic strip format.
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