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  • 18.06.2010
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My vagina looks weird

Many people worry that their genitalia don't look “normal,” but there really is The fleshy outer lips of your vulva are known as the labia majora. But a self-exam may help you find signs of an STD or changes to your vulva (the outer part of your genitals) that could signal other health. The skin on either side of your vagina is called your labia. Sometimes one or both labia can be longer and/or wider. Depending upon the size of. Aug 31,  · My vagina looks weird. The left side has extra skin and when you hold it it’s really longer than the right side. Please help. Posted 31 August under Ask Us. +Related Content. Jan 21,  · 11 Things Your Vagina Is Trying To Tell You, If Only You'd Call Her More Often. By Vaginal blisters, sores, and something that looks like it's a cross between a cauliflower and barnacle?. Jun 09,  · Is My Vagina Normal? How To Tell If Your Vagina, Clitoris, And Labia Are Healthy. By Gabrielle Moss. You may have heard that a clitoris is a tiny pink nub that looks kind of like a pencil.
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