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Breast stimulation how to

Does nipple stimulation help to induce labor? Some people believe that nipple stimulation can induce labor. After a woman gives birth, stimulation of the nipples by a breast-feeding baby triggers the release of oxytocin. Enough stimulation, and you may even reach that big O. Here's how to get How to Have a Nipple Orgasm: 23 Tips for You and Your Partner. If you're pregnant and past your due date, you might want to try nipple stimulation to get labor started. Here's what you should know. Get a step-by-step guide. Jun 14,  · Breast stimulation causes the release of the hormone oxytocin from the pituitary gland in your brain. This can lead to the ripening of the cervix and uterine contractions. The practice of breast stimulation to induce or augment or increase labor has been reported in . Jun 13,  · While lots of women really, really enjoy breast play (in fact, there's some evidence to suggest that a few lucky women can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone), not Author: Sarah Miller. Nov 17,  · The researchers discovered that stimulation of the nipple activated an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex. This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. What this means is that women's brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same yeusex.info: Jill Di Donato.
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