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  • 23.06.2010
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Sasuke sexy no jutsu

Naruto Uzumaki did the world one of two things when he created the iconic Sexy no Jutsu. But thanks to a new chapter of a spin-off manga, fans are really leaning towards the latter right now. The new update kept up with Boruto Uzumaki as the fighter trained with his mentor Sasuke. おいろけ・男の子どうしの術 (Oiroke: Otokonoko Dōshi no Jutsu) Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden, showing only Sasuke called the Sexy Man Technique. Sasuke and Naruto in female (or Sexy no Jutsu) form, with their Shippuden outfit's variations. They are wearing masks like Kakashi's, but color-. Sexy no Jutsu Contest. Naruto was walking back to Kohona, with Sasuke. Actually, he had been dragging Sasuke back from Orochimaru's place before Sasuke smartened up and started walking. It was just to preserve his dignity. Naruto x Sasuke, Romance, Humour, Entirely Purposeful Misuse of Sexy No Jutsu. How did his screaming at Sasuke that he could pay for his own shopping in the supermarket turn in to some paperback novel romantic rendezvous? And when the hell did they go dancing! As well Naruto knew he wasn't wearing some sequinned dress yesterday. Jul 13,  · Captain Yamato (Naruto shippuden) Funniest moments anime compilation やまと(NARUTO-ナルト - 疾風伝)おかしな瞬間アニメ集 - Duration: Mvp Natiq , views.
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