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Iron content breast milk

The mothers were attending the postnatal clinic of one secondary and two tertiary healthcare facilities in Enugu. Breast milk iron concentration was determined. As the current recommendations for infants are based on the iron content of human milk, we need to examine milk more closely. Human breast. The iron in breastmilk is better absorbed than that from other sources. . See also Iron Content of Common Foods from British Columbia. Cooking in a cast iron pan also increases iron content of foods. The absorption of iron is also increased by eating green leafy salads or citrus fruits, fruit juices and potatoes (including instant potatoes at meals when consuming iron rich foods). and on the concentration of Fe in breast milk. Br J Nutr May;39(3) Newman J. May 01,  · Babies can absorb 50% of the iron in breast milk, compared with only % of the iron in artificial milk and 4% from fortified baby cereals 6. Lactose, the main sugar in breast milk assists iron absorption along with vitamin C. Oct 12,  · Breast milk contains very little iron (~ mg/liter).   The Institute of Medicine recommends that infants months old get 11 mg of iron per day.   By this age, most babies’ iron stores have been depleted, so this iron needs to come from complementary foods, in addition to breast milk .
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