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Mirena and breast tenderness

Mirena Side Effects: What to Expect from Insertion to Removal . Side effects like breast tenderness and acne usually fade after the first year. Small amounts of progestins such as those in Mirena pass into breast milk. headache, depression, mood changes;; back pain, breast tenderness or pain;. Many people experience IUD side effects, especially in the first few include headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, and skin blemishes. Jul 26,  · Mirena IUD has minor side effects such as breast tenderness and irregular bleeding. The birth control also has severe side effects such as migration. Mirena Side Effects. More than 5 percent of women who used the device in clinical trials reported breast pain or tenderness, according to the Mirena label. This is a common adverse effect Author: Michelle Llamas. The breast pain will be caused by the hormonal effects of mirena, but the pain in your abdomen will possibly be caused by the physical side of mirena - the plastic T shape can literally "dig in" to your uterus, making it painful, causing damage and even perforating your . Feb 01,  · I had a Mirena for five years and switched. One of the big reasons was breast issues. They started in the third year - periods of tenderness that became near constant in the last year and a half, so much so I no longer wanted my fiance to touch them.
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