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  • 15.05.2010
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Fat is not sexy

Most Americans — fat or thin — are not eating healthy diets, nor are they It's no secret that thin people are considered more attractive than fat. Reproduction is energetically expensive for both sexes, but the magnitude of expenditure and its relationship to reproductive success differ fundamentally. Last week, self-described queer non-binary “fat sex therapist” Sonalee Rashatwar Is it shaming someone to not find them attractive? I don't. Mar 18,  · I'm not fat but the BMI index says I'm overweight based on my poundage (honestly, muscle weighs more than fat - duh). I am not skinny either (I have ranged from a size 10 to size 16 in the last 10 years and I'm a petite 5'3"). I have a tummy roll or two, but I gave birth to two beautiful children and and am proud to have a few battle scars. They have to know that fat isn't beautiful or sexy right? I mean when they see a slim beautiful athletic person and feel that mild arousal they must know that fat isn't beautiful or sexy. I know when I was fat it was slim women I wanted and it was the slim men I saw and wanted to be. 43 comments. share. Nov 05,  · Why do Fat Girls think they are sexy? Why do fat girls wear them? Being fat is not SEXY! Update: Hey! I just think its nasty to see a fat girl with short shorts on. Everybody knows skinny girls look better showing their legs. Fat girls got too much cellulite to show their legs that is so unattractive and disgusting. Don't show your body Followers: 2.
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