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  • 10.01.2010
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How to be a stripper

As a stripper of seven years, I know that my chosen work is not for everyone. I formerly worked in retail and healthcare, and I also know that. How to Decide if You Should Become a Stripper. Contrary to popular belief, not all strippers are young, perfect looking women. In fact, strippers range in age. Ever wondered how to prepare to be a stripper? Read on to find out. This post is for aspiring and baby strippers to answer the questions they. According to the stripper I interviewed, nude clubs is a drug filled atmosphere. Though heroin and meth are rarely seen, cocaine is common. These clubs prohibit drug use and you can get fired from your job if caught. In addition, drugs can become an addictive and an . Are you brand new to stripping or thinking about becoming a stripper? It’s not as easy as it looks (or sounds) You might think you can slap some makeup on, show up, and twirl around the pole but really that stuff has NOTHING to do with how you make money stripping. If you have been dancing . 17 Truths About What It's Actually Like To Be A Stripper. You need one thing above all else: thick skin. Posted on February 03, , 23 You aren't usually a stripper for long.
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