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  • 19.02.2010
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Sour breast milk

Have you ever questioned the taste or smell of your breast milk? Does it sometimes smell just a little “off” and you're not sure why? Many moms. Human milk that has truly soured has a very distinct sour taste and odor – much like soured cow's milk. If your milk doesn't smell distinctly sour. Breastmilk has quite a reputation for being some of the sweetest stuff on earth, especially when compared to formula. If moms have gotten a. Why does my breast milk smell sour? Nothing is more disheartening than tossing out breast milk, no matter how large or small the quantity. A small number of mothers find that their expressed breast milk smells and even tastes bad after refrigeration or thawing, even if they follow proper milk collection and storage guidelines. Dec 28,  · Find out why your breast milk smells sour. Lipase is an enzyme in human milk that breaks down the milk fats so baby can easily digest it. Mothers have found that an excess of this enzyme can cause the milk to smell or taste sour or soapy, even though all . Jun 26,  · Most mothers say breast milk smells sweet or doesn’t really have a smell. However, sometimes mothers notice that their expressed breast milk smells or tastes soapy or sour—either soon after expressing or after storage in the freezer.
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