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Frank stella moby dick

Frank Stella likes Moby Dick. "The detail in Melville is beautiful and he tries to sustain you during the trip and to indulge you in the language,". Frank Stella's Riotous Interpretation of Moby-Dick. There is something almost musical and improvisatory about the artist's interpretation of the. Buy, bid, and inquire on Frank Stella: Moby Dick on Artsy. Jan 07,  · Stella's interest in the epic novel Moby-Dick of began after observing Beluga whales at the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. Stella explained, “The idea of the wave and its various permutations is what drives this new series. Once I started on the wave shape, I saw it began to look like a whale-a combination of waves and whales. That changing, shifting quality is apparent in Stella's own Moby Dick series, a set of painting, lithographs and sculptures made between and , that take their titles from chapters of Herman Meville's classic whaling novel. For an abstract artist, the Moby Dick series gets pretty close to . From the mid’s to the mid’s, Stella created a large body of work that responded in a general way to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. During this time, the increasingly deep relief of Stella’s paintings gave way to full three-dimensionality, with sculptural forms derived from cones, pillars, French curves, waves, and decorative architectural elements.
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