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How to apply steri strips

Steri strips are adhesive strips that are used to keep small or shallow wounds closed so they can heal. Before you apply Steri strips to your wound, you’ll have to make sure the skin around it is clean and dry, as covering a dirty wound increases your risk of infection. Butterfly stitches are narrow adhesive strips that help to close the edges of a small wound and encourage the skin to heal. They are sold in pharmacies as skin-closure strips or "Steri-Strips". If the wound does not stop bleeding once the strips have been applied, this is a sign. How to Use Steri-Strips Skip ahead to learn how to apply Steri-Strips. Using steri- strips is pretty straightforward, but when do you need to toss the steri-strips to. How to Apply Steri-Strips. Remove any foreign objects from the wound. Sterilize the area around the wound. Dry the area to allow the steri-strips to stick to the skin. Stick the steri-strip to one side of the wound. Gently push the wound closed. Apply the other side of the steri-strip. Continue this process until you’ve completely closed the wound. Nov 14,  · The Steri-Strip™ brand offers an extended line of adhesive skin closures to meet your needs. Our versatile, cost-saving, non-invasive Steri-Strips™ have many applications and come in a . Jul 27,  · Grasp the end of a Steri-Strip and lift it upward from card. Use your fingers to push the wound edges together and place the Steri-Strip across the wound. Press firmly in place. Add more Steri-Strips across the wound until the wound is closed. The strips should be .
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