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Adult plant resistance

Adult plant resistance is a useful trait to consider in variety selection, especially for rust resistance. Understanding how it works can make. Author summary Adult plant resistance (APR) is a phenomenon in which disease resistance genes are able to confer resistance at the adult. Methods Mol Biol. ; doi: /_ Rapid Phenotyping Adult Plant Resistance to Stem Rust in Wheat Grown under. Stripe rust caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici (Pst) is a devastating foliar disease that affects common wheat and barley throughout the world. The reasonable deployment of adult plant resistance (APR) wheat varieties is one of the best methods for controlling this disease. Wheat landraces are valuable resources for identifying the genes/QTLs responsible for disease yeusex.info by: 6. May 16,  · The new effective QTL for adult-plant resistance to stripe rust will increase our understanding of the genetic mechanisms that control the spread of stripe rust, and will aid in the molecular marker-assisted selection-based breeding of yeusex.info: Li Long, Fangjie Yao, Can Yu, Xueling Ye, Yukun Cheng, Yuqi Wang, Yu Wu, Jing Li, Jirui Wang, Qianta. Summary. Inheritance studies were conducted to determine the genetic basis of adult-plant resistance in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) to Phytophthora capsici.F 1, backcrosses and F 2 populations were developed using the resistant parent Criollo de Morellos and susceptible parents Agronômico G and Yolo Wonder. Pepper plants, at 36 days post-emergence, were inoculated near the base of the Cited by:
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