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  • 19.02.2010
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Breast cancer clinical trials stage iv

Romidepsin (Istodax®) is an FDA-approved drug that is currently used to treat a A Multi-Centered Randomized Phase II Study Comparison of Single-Agent or metastatic (stage IV) HER2 negative breast cancer that has been treated with. The chemotherapy drug nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane®) is routinely used to treat If you have advanced (some stage III) or metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer, you. PURPOSE: Phase I/II trial to study the effectiveness of immunotherapy with CEA- treated white blood cells in treating patients with metastatic breast cancer who. Types of cancer treatment trials There are 4 main types of clinical trials for new breast cancer treatments: Phase 1 (phase I) trials study whether a new treatment is safe to use over a range of doses. The treatment may be given to people with different types of cancers. A phase 1 trial is mainly a drug safety study. Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer. All treatments for breast cancer — including targeted therapies, aromatase inhibitors, tamoxifen, radiation, and more — were studied in several clinical trials. Clinical trials are just one type of research that's done before a new treatment becomes available to . Although all clinical trials have criteria for the participants, clinical trials are available to patients at all stages of cancer. The eligibility criteria, which is meant to ensure patients’ safety, may include the patient’s age, gender, cancer type and stage, previous treatments and overall health.
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