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What do boobs taste like

Depends on how soon or late you suck on them while making love. If you go fast towards them, initially you will feel like a loose skin and as they become hard in. if all else fails suck on a mint before you do it, never know the taste might not be Hygienic status is the problem; boobs shouldn't taste like anything, unless the. They don't have a taste. Unless the girl is sweaty, then of course it's a bit salty, which is just fine. It's not about taste, it's about texture and closeness to your. Jul 27,  · Skin. Sweat is another common flavor, depending on the temperature, physical activity, and how recently the owner of the breasts has bathed. Sometimes body wash may provide additional flavors. As can whipped cream and chocolate, if deposited upon the breasts. When breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! initially asked women to describe their breasts for the What Normal Feels Like campaign, they almost universally picked a yeusex.info, small, maybe somewhere in the middle. But, as CoppaFeel! argues in the campaign, there's so much more to our breasts, and it's about time we got yeusex.info: Cate Matthews. Feb 03,  · At 1/14/08 PM, ZombieKangaroo wrote: My girlfriends boobs taste good simply because they're boobs. As we all know, boobs are the height of awesome for no apparent reason. ive been conducting a scientific study of this, it involves me staring at womens breasts for large periods of time, i occasionally poke them or line 3 or 4 women up and roll around on the breasts, sometimes i .
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