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How to braid leather strips

To make this braid, start by cutting three strands out of a strip of leather like you did for the 3 strand braid, but leave them connected at both ends. If you are using . As you can see, you make this braid from a single strip of leather with two slits running along the length. Braid the inner strips just like the hair braid, but after. Cut a 1 inch wide leather strip. Determine the length of braid you need and add 1/ 3 more material to that measurement before cutting. How to Braid Leather. Leather braiding is an ancient art form that looks amazing and is easier than it may seem. There are several techniques for braiding leather, including the traditional 3 strand braid, the trick braid, and the 4 strand. May 12,  · To make braided leather bracelets, measure and cut three leather strips for each bracelet you want to make. Next, tie a regular knot at one end of the strips to secure them together, then tape the knotted end to a table%(22). Cut 2 slits in the leather, leaving 1 inch uncut at each end. In the following diagrams, the dotted line helps you keep track of the left strip, which is the one you always begin braiding with, and the arrows at the top show you which strip moves in a given step.
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